TRAXPayrollAnnouncements Release NotesUpdate to State Withholding Fields - BambooHR Customers (11/1/2019)

Update to State Withholding Fields - BambooHR Customers (11/1/2019)

Please note: The information included in this release note is accurate as of November 2019. 

The following information only applies to BambooHR customers. To learn more about BambooHR, click here.

Georgia, Montana, and Texas have made some changes to the type of information they require for tax purposes. In an effort to help you stay compliant and capture only the necessary information for state withholdings, we have both added and removed a few fields. These changes only apply if you have employees in Georgia, Montana, or Texas. 

Below is a list of the field additions and removals by state.


  • Removed Total Allowances field
  • Remove Additional Allowances field


  • Removed Filing Status


  • Add Texarkana Resident