TRAXPayrollAnnouncements Release NotesPay Group and Pay Schedule Change (10/18/2019)

Pay Group and Pay Schedule Change (10/18/2019)

We have simplified the way you group employees in BambooHR for payroll. In order to give you a single method, we have removed Pay Groups in the Payroll Settings in BambooHR. This means that Pay Schedules will be the only option for grouping employees. But don't worry, we already transferred your pay group assignments into a Pay Schedule so that this will not affect who is syncing to payroll nor any payroll settings.

There will now be an option when adding or editing a Pay Schedule to include it in payroll and indicate the first pay period for that Pay Schedule. When this box is checked, the information for any employee in that Pay Schedule will sync directly to TRAXPayroll.

For additional questions, please review the FAQs below:

  • Now that my employees are grouped in Pay Schedules, do I need to do anything to include them in payroll?
    • Nope! We have automatically moved all your Pay Group groupings to a Pay Schedule and that includes whether or not they were included in payroll. Although we suggest reviewing the Pay Schedules to make sure everything is correct, no action is required on your part. 
  • How do I know if a Pay Schedule will be included in payroll? 
    • There will be a money icon with a checkmark over the top of it just to the left of your Pay Schedules. This indicates that the Pay Schedule will be included in payroll. 
  • What happens if I move an employee from one Pay Schedule to another? 
    • The employee will inherit the pay frequency of the new Pay Schedule and will automatically be removed from the previous Pay Group in TRAXPayroll. 
  • Where can I review this synced data in TRAXPayroll? 
    • The area where this data can be viewed in TRAXPayroll hasn’t changed. In TRAXPayroll it is called Pay Groups. It can be found at Company>Pay Groups. The ability to edit this information will no longer be available. Any changes should be made in BambooHR. 
  • What if I have multiple Employer Identification Numbers (EINs)?
    • We associated the Pay Schedules to the EINs as it was already set up. If you add additional Pay Schedules and check the box to include that Pay Schedule in payroll, you will be given a dropdown to choose which EIN you want these employees to sync to.