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Pay Info Tab Reporting (TRAXPayroll Add-On)

Please note: The information included in this product update is accurate as of October 3, 2019. For the most up-to-date information on this product feature, please refer to the corresponding links provided within this article.

You now have more visibility into your employees’ important Pay Info Tab data with the addition of four new reports. All four reports can be downloaded in PDF, Excel or CSV formats. Whether you need to evaluate missing data, complete an audit, or double-check payroll data, the following four reports can be accessed by Full Admins, Payroll Admins or shared with a Custom Access Level to help keep the right people informed:

  1. Pay Info Tab Missing Data Report - This convenient report allows you to quickly see what data is missing from your employees’ Pay Info Tab. You can navigate directly to an employee from the report and update their information so that everything appears correct in the next payroll run. 

  2. Direct Deposit Report - This report gives you the ability to see an overview of all the direct deposit accounts set up for your employees. If an employee has more than one bank on record, you will be shown each bank in a separate row for easy review. 

  3. Federal Withholding Report - This report allows you to instantly review the federal withholding elections for all your employees from filing status to additional withholdings to FUTA exempt.

  4. State Withholding & Unemployment Insurance Report - You will be able to review the state withholding elections for all your employees. Even state-specific information will be captured in this report in the last two columns to make sure nothing is missed. 

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