TRAXPayrollAnnouncements Tax & Administrative UpdatesTax Updates - DC, VT, KY, OH, SD, WA (4/16/2019)

Tax Updates - DC, VT, KY, OH, SD, WA (4/16/2019)

  • The District of Columbia Paid Family Tax, 11-000-0000-FLI-000, has been added to the

    Engine with a rate of .62%, effective 4/1/2019. Though the Tax is not technically in effect until 7/1/2019, it was entered effective 4/1/2019 so that Employer can begin their calculations for their accruals.

  • The Vermont Catamount Healthcare Assessment Tax, 50-000-0000-ER_EHT-000, Rate has been updated to $168.10 per Employee, effective 1/1/2019.

  • The Cumberland County, Kentucky OLF Tax, 21-057-0000-OLF-000, Rate has been updated to 1.75%, effective 4/1/2019. The Maximum Annual Withholding remains $750, which adjusts the Wage base to $42,857.15.

  • The Vine Grove, Kentucky OLF Tax, 21-000-506053-OLF-000, Rate has been updated to 2%, effective 4/1/2019.

  • The West Liberty, Kentucky OLF Tax, 21-000-516279-OLF-000, Rate has been updated to 1%, effective 4/1/2019.

  • The Indian Hill, Ohio City Tax, 39-000-1079598-CITY-000, Rate has been updated to .525%, effective 1/1/2018.

  • The Mount Gilead, Ohio City Tax, 39-000-1065069-CITY-000, Tax Credit and Credit Limit were previously removed with an effective date of 2018-12-26. This has been changed to an effective date of 1/1/2016.

  • The Kingston, Borough of - EIT - Wyoming Valley West S D (409302), Pennsylvania EIT Tax, 42-079-1215395-EIT-409302, Rate has been updated to 2.175%, effective 1/1/2019. This was confirmed by Berkheimer who stated all Employees and Employers in the District had been notified in writing.

  • Corrected the taxLimit values for Washington Paid Family Leave Employer and Employee Portions, 53-000-0000-ER_FLI-000 and 53-000-0000-FLI-000, to reflect the maximum Annual withholding for each against the 2019 Wage Base of $132,900.00. Those limits are now set at $194.94 for the Employer Portion and $336.66 for the Employee Portion.