Tax Corrections (3/12/2019)

  • An Issue was identified where the Jackson, Ohio City Tax, 39-000-1061427-000, was being returned when querying the Tax List with a payDate or System Date later than 11/24/2018. This will no longer be returned in the Tax List when the payDate or System Date are later than 11/24/2018.

  • Set a Default Withholding of 6.99% with No Allowances for Connecticut State Income Tax, 09-000-0000-SIT-000, which is in accordance with the Connecticut Withholding Guide, which state that this withholding must occur if an Employee has not submitted the form. This is handled by the passing in of the WITHHOLDINGCODE parameter with the newly added value of NO_FORM.

  • Set a Default Withholding for the Oregon State Income Tax, 41-000-0000-SIT-000, for when no FILINGSTATUS or TOTALALLOWANCES parameters have been set. This would be appropriate when the Employee has not submitted the Oregon Withholding Form OR-W-4, as no FILINGSTATUS and TOTALALLOWANCES would have been supplied by the Employee. The Default withholding will be Single with no Allowances.

  • An Issue was identified with the Ohio Norton CSD Tax, 39-000-0000-SCHL-7711, where allowances claimed for the State of Ohio in the TOTALALLOWANCES parameter were being used in the calculation of the tax. This tax is to be levied on the Gross Wages earned by the Employee without consideration of Allowances.