Employee Access

Purpose: This help guide will walk you through the employee view of TRAXPayroll so you can see what information you will have access to.


The Employee tab includes general information about you as an employee. The following information will be available:

  1. Employee Information: Basic information including Name, Address, SSN, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Email (click "Change my email address" if you need to update it), Birth Date, Hire Date, and W2 Delivery Status. (Click "Change W2 Delivery Status" to go paperless with your W2)
  2. Federal and State Withholding: Displays your tax withholding elections. If you are using a third party HRIS, check to see if this should be updated there or reach out to your payroll administrator to make changes.
  3. Hour Type: Displays year-to-date balances for each hour benefit type you've been assigned.
  4. Banking Information: Displays your direct deposit bank information and the amount allocated to each account.
  5. Deduction Information: Displays the deductions that are set to come out of your paycheck.

My Documents

The My Documents tab includes any documents that have been uploaded by an administrator to your employee record. Additionally, any files that have been attached to additional pay records or expense reimbursements will show here. Simply click the link below the document name to preview the document.


The Holidays tab displays a list of Company Holidays added by your payroll administrator.



The Paychecks General tab is where you can find all of your earnings statements (pay stubs). Click "View Pay Stub" to view the most recent pay stub or click "View" next to the desired pay cycle to view the corresponding pay stub.

Sample Tax Calculator

The Paychecks Sample Tax Calculator tab displays your current withholding elections. You can update the following information to see tax estimates for new elections:

  1. Home and Work Address: If you are planning to move to a new home or work address, enter the new address here to see how it will reflect your taxes.
  2. Federal and State Withholding: Change the withholding elections as desired.
  3. Deductions: Update or zero out deductions as needed.
  4. Calculate: Select Gross or Net and adjust the amount, if needed. Then click Calculate.
  5. Results: The estimated withholding and deduction amounts will display here, along with the net pay.


Year End

At year end, this will include a link to view your W-2.

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