Log in to TRAXPayroll

Purpose: Employees are emailed their login information on their first pay date with TRAXPayroll. Links to retrieve a username or reset a password are available on the login page. This help guide will show you how users can log in to TRAXPayroll. If employees need additional assistance with logging in, they should contact their payroll administrator.

How do I Log in to TRAXPayroll through BambooHR?

Navigate to Home in BambooHR. Depending on your access, there are two ways to log in to TRAXPayroll from BambooHR:

  1. If you are a Payroll Admin user, you can click the "TRAXPayroll" button in the top right of the Home page. This will take you to an admin view in TRAXPayroll.
  2. If you are an employee user, or you want to manage your personal payroll information, you will log into TRAXPayroll through the links in the Company Links widget.

TRAXPayroll Login

Navigate to the TRAXPayroll login URL

  1. Login Type: Select whether you are logging in as an employer, employee or third party.
  2. Company Code: Enter your company’s specific TRAXPayroll code. Employees who do not know their company code will need to contact their company payroll administrator, not TRAXPayroll. 
  3. User Name: Enter your individual username. Admins can locate an employee's username on the Employee General tab. 
  4. Password: Enter your individual password. If an employee does not know their password, please use the "Forgot Password" link which will generate an email to the email address listed on the employee's General tab. 
  5. Action: Click “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” to fill out some basic information in order to receive an email to retrieve your personal username or password. The link in the email will expire after 20 minutes.
    • Time & Attendance - This allows you to log directly into your Time & Attendance portal.
When Should an Employee Login to TRAXPayroll Instead of Third Party HR Vendor?

Employees of companies that use a Third Party HR vendor may need their employee to log in to TRAXPayroll directly instead of through the HR vendor.

For example, terminated employees may no longer have access to the Third Party HR Vendor. In this case, the admin may need to update the employee’s email address in TRAXPayroll to their personal email.

When the employee logs in, the system will default to their last name plus the EmployeeID as their username. For example, if my last name is Doe and my EmployeeID is 3333 then my username would be Doe3333.

Lastly, the employee will need to reset their password to be able to log in.

What's Next?

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