Remote Link Dashboard

Purpose: To show you how to utilize the Remote Link Dashboard to quickly and easily sync employees from an external system into TRAXPayroll.

This update only effects TRAXPayroll customers that have API connections in place with one of the following providers: BambooHR, Ease Central, Ramco, SutiHR or Flock HR. 

When you navigate to Remote Link, you will be taken to the Dashboard. The ‘Dashboard’ section provides a summary of all changes available for review and application in each subsection of remote link. Each subsection will be shown in the “Type” column. Additionally, the “Add New” column will show you how many changes are within each subsection.

Reviewing Updates

Here you can select a checkbox individually for each subsection that you want to bulk apply the changes for. Once all checkboxes have been selected for the sections you want to apply changes for, you can select between two options.

  1. Add all new selected to TRAXPayroll: If you simply want to apply all new records, then you should select this option.
  2. Apply all selected changes to TRAXPayroll: This will apply all relevant changes for each selected subsection for all new employees and any current employees with changes.

If you choose to select an action button tied to any of the subsections from this dashboard screen, you will be presented with 2 options.

  1. Add all new to TRAXPayroll: If selected, this action will apply all new changes from that subsection to TRAXPayroll.
  2. Review Individually: When clicked, this will pull up a summary screen of all changes that you can then review and apply.

Under the ‘Add New’ column, if you select the red ‘summary’ text next to any line indicating new records are found, you will be presented with a list of all changes found and have the ability to apply the changes directly from that menu for that particular subsection.

Add New Matches

If you select the red ‘summary’ text next to any line indicating match(es) are found, it will show you a list of all matches found.

Apply Changes

Lastly, if you select the red ‘summary’ text under “Changes,” you will be presented with a list of all changes found and have the ability to apply changes directly from that menu for that particular subsection.

Please note: There is no bulk apply option on the dashboard screen for changes tied to employee hours. You will need to navigate to the individual subsection to review and approve that data individually.

Individual Company Changes

You may also choose to bypass the application of changes on the Dashboard. You have the ability to navigate into each subsection of Remote Link to review and approve all changes tied to that specific section. Company changes can be viewed individually by navigating to each of the Company sections on the left side:

  • Company Branch
  • Company Class
  • Company Department
  • Company Division
  • Company Deduction

Individual or multiple records can be selected to archive or unarchive records. Use the ‘Select All’ button to automatically select all checkboxes for all records. Once selected, you can archive or unarchive selected.


Clicking "Action" next to a change will give you the following options:

  1. Add New: Allows you to create the new list option in TRAXPayroll. In the example above, this will allow me to create a new Division in TRAXPayroll.
  2. Assign: Shows me a list of current list options in order to assign the new item to a current list option in TRAXPayroll.  
  3. Archive: This will archive the remote link change request and not apply the proposed data changes. Archived records are hidden. They will be listed when the checkbox at the top of the page is marked to show them.

What's Next?

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