Autosync FAQ

Purpose: This help guide will review frequently asked questions related to the Autosync of your data from BambooHR to TRAXPayroll. 

Autosync for Future Hires

If an employee's hire date comes after the end date of the pay cycle that payroll is being processed for (Either Scheduled or Manual), we will not include the employee(s) in Autosync.

Autosync for Deleted Employees

If an employee’s record is completely deleted from BambooHR, the associated record in TRAXPayroll will be marked as inactive and end dates will be applied to all records associated with that employee.

What if a Deleted Employee gets Added Back to BambooHR?

If an employee that was previously deleted gets added back into BambooHR and re-synced with TRAXPayroll, we will map the new BambooHR record to the previously created TRAXPayroll record. We will verify the following fields to confirm that this is indeed the same employee: 

  1. Name
  2. SSN
  3. Date of Birth

Once linked, the sync will resume.

Autosync for Terminated Employees

Terminated employees will continue to be included in payroll until their final pay date. Once their final pay date has passed, and they’ve been paid the last time, we will remove them from the sync.

What if I Mark an Employee as Inactive in BambooHR?

If an employee’s record gets moved to ‘Inactive’ in BambooHR, we will immediately stop syncing that record to TRAXPayroll via Autosync. If you need the employee to continue syncing with TRAXpayroll, you will need to set them to an active or terminated status.

If the employee is later reactivated, we will resume the autosync of their data to TRAXPayroll.

What if I Rehire an Employee?

If a terminated employee is rehired in BambooHR, we will ensure that their final pay date gets removed in TRAXPayroll, that they get included in payroll again, and that we resume syncing that employee's information to TRAXPayroll.

What if I Switch an Employee's Pay Schedule Mid-Payroll Run?

Every time you navigate to the Payroll Center, we will be performing a behind the scenes check to ensure that we’ve got employees assigned to the correct pay schedules on the TRAXPayroll side. If for some reason any of your employees has moved between pay schedules, and the pay schedule they were previously in has an open payroll, we will cause an error message to appear when you open the payroll informing you that you either need to remove the employee from the open payroll or reset the payroll entirely.

What if the Employee is Removed from a Syncing Pay Schedule?

If an employee is completely removed from a syncing pay schedule or moved to a pay schedule that doesn’t sync with TRAXPayroll, we will stop syncing their data from BambooHR to TRAXPayroll.