Upload Hours

Purpose: Hours can be uploaded to the Payroll Center from a spreadsheet. This help guide will show you how to upload hours in TRAXPayroll so they are ready to be approved during Step 1 of your payroll run. 

If you are using the BambooHR integration and have Autosync, you will need to import your hours in BambooHR in order to add them to payroll. 

Upload Hours

Navigate to the Payroll Center Upload Hours tab in order to add hours before running payroll. 

  1. Pay Group: Select the pay group you will be uploading hours for. 
  2. Pay Cycle: Select the pay cycle the hours should be applied to. 
  3. Import Type: If your company is tracking jobs in TRAXPayroll, you can select to import timesheet hours with categories and rates.
  4. Import File: Choose the import file on your computer. 
  5. Format: Click Upload Specifications to access the template required for uploading deduction information (See example below.)
  6. Next: Click Next to upload your hours. 
What if I am Tracking Hours Worked in BambooHR?

If your employees are tracking hours worked in BambooHR, you will need to pull in this information through Remote Link. Once you are on the Remote Link tab, you can access Employee Hours in two ways:

  1. On the Dashboard, click Action next to Employees Hours and click Review Individually.
  2. Click Employee Hours on the left sidebar.
  1. Select the Pay Group you are pulling in hours for.
  2. Select the specific Pay Cycle the hours are a part of.
  3. Note the Remote Vendor shows as BambooHR.
  4. Click Next to upload the hours.

Once you've followed this process to pull in the hours from BambooHR, the rest of the process will look identical to the steps below. However, you will be performing this update under the Remote Link tab instead of in the Payroll Center tab as shown in the screenshots below. Once the hours have been confirmed, you will be able to pull them into Step 1 of Payroll.

Validating Uploaded Hours

After uploading your file, you will have three options to verify that all records successfully import into TRAXPayroll.

Edit Hour Types

In the Edit Hour Type section, you can choose to edit the names of hour types to match your imported data if needed. Simply click Edit, type in the new name under External Hour Type, and then choose to Update the record.

Edit Job Code

In the Edit Job Code section, you can choose to edit the names of job codes to match your imported data if needed. Simply click Edit, type in the new name under External Job Code, and then choose to Update the record.

Imported List

Under the Imported List section, you'll be able to make edits to your uploaded data to make sure that all records are imported successfully. 

  1. Status & Reason: In the table, you'll be able to check the status of each record. If a record failed to import, you'll be able to see the reason why. 
  2. Edit & Delete: You can click on Delete to eliminate unneeded records. You can click on Edit to make changes to records as needed.
  3. Make Edits: You can make necessary edits to records to make sure that they will transfer into TRAXPayroll successfully.
  4. Update & Cancel: Once you have made your edits, click Update to save the changes or click Cancel to void the changes. 

Save and Validate

Once you have made necessary changes to Hour Types, Job Codes, and your Imported List so that your records will import successfully, click Save and Validate to save all changes and to check the status of all records. 

After saving and validating your updates, be sure to check that all statuses are set to Successful. At that point, click Finish to finalize your import. 

You will then see a confirmation screen that lets you know your import was successful. 

Once the hours import has been finalized, navigate back to the Upload Hours section of the Payroll Center, change the Already Uploaded status to Confirmed. Here, you'll be able to see the hours that are confirmed and ready to be pulled into Step 1 of your payroll run by selecting the Get Uploaded Hours button.

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