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Create a Manual Payroll Run

Purpose: Manual payrolls can be run from the Payroll Center. This help guide will show you how to create, process, and delete manual payroll runs. 

Manual payrolls are used for off-cycle or additional runs such as terminations, bonus payouts, or underpaid employees.

Create a Manual Payroll Run

To begin creating a manual payroll run, navigate to the “Manual Payroll Run” tab in the Payroll Center. Here, you’ll begin creating an off-cycle payroll run.

  1. Pay Group: If needed, select the applicable Pay Group that will be part of the off-cycle payroll run.
  2. Start Date: Enter the payroll period Start Date. Start Dates default to the day the run is created but allow you to edit the desired pay period start date if needed.
  3. End Date: Enter the payroll period End Date. End Dates also default to the day the run is created but can be edited to reflect the necessary pay period end date.
  4. Pay Date: Finally, enter the Pay Date that you would like to process your run. Keep in mind that the date must be at least two business days in the future to allow time for processing.
  5. Create Payroll: Click the Create Payroll button to finalize your off-cycle payroll run.

Please note that if paper checks are being issued as part of the off-cycle run, companies often use their next regular payroll start, end, and pay dates to avoid an off-cycle debit to their bank account. However, you can still issue the checks when needed. 

Once you have created the additional pay cycle, you will be taken back to the Payroll Center to process it. 

Process a Manual Payroll Run

After you are directed to the Payroll Center, the manual payroll run will be available along with the regular payroll run(s). You can select “Run Payroll” to start processing your payroll. Be sure to verify that your paydays are accurate and are at least two business days in the future.

Delete Unnecessary Manual Payroll Runs

If a manual payroll run is not needed after all, you can delete it by selecting “Remove Manual Payroll.” 

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