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Quarterly & Year End Reports

Purpose: To help you understand how to use the quarterly and year-end reports. This is where you will be able to access W-2s, Quarterly Reports, and Annual returns. 


Navigate to Reports and then click on Quarterly and Year End on the left toolbar.

Under Search, make sure that these settings are selected:

  1. Pay Group: Select the pay group you want to report on.
  2. Year: Select the year you want to run the report on.
  3. Duration: Select the duration.

The report will automatically generate and show you all results. This is where we will post the DE9, 940, and 941, W-3, and all employee W-2s. 

Click the View link to open the report in PDF format.

The first W-2 in the list, without an employee's name, will include all employee W-2s in one report.

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