Additional Pay

Purpose: Employees can add additional payments or expenses individually to their time card. This help guide will show you how to do this.

Additional Pay/Expense Reimbursement

  1. Unapproved and Pending Payroll: All expenses and additional payments in this table have been submitted but have not been approved and processed in payroll. When a new expense is added, it will show here. If it is still pending, you will be able to edit or delete it before it is approved and processed in payroll.
  2. Approved and Processed Payroll: This table shows you a history of all expenses and additional payments that have already been approved and processed in payroll.
Add Additional Pay/Expense

Upon clicking "Add", a new screen will appear to walk you through entering your expense. Enter the following information for the additional pay or expense:

  • Post Date: Make sure this date falls within the correct pay cycle in order to pull it into the payroll run.
  • Pay Type: Select the pay type from the list.
  • Amount: Enter the total amount of additional pay or expense.
  • Job Name (optional): This is specific to job tracking.
  • Reference Code (optional)
  • Note (optional)
  • File Document: Upload a file if you need to show proof of the expense.

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