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Time Sheet IP Restrictions

Purpose: IP Restrictions can be set on your account so that payroll administrators and employees are required to log in only from certain computers. Time Sheet IP Restrictions give you peace of mind that employees are clocking in and out from appropriate work computers. IP Restrictions can be used for both payroll and time card logins. Specific Admins and Employees may be excluded from the IP Restrictions allowing them to log in from any computer.

What if I am using the BambooHR Integration?

If you are using the BambooHR integration and have BambooHR Time Tracking, you will have the option to turn on Geolocation to track where employees are clocking in and out via the mobile app.

This feature must be activated by a member of the TRAXPayroll team.

Set Up Time Sheet IP Restrictions

Navigate to the "IP Restrictions" tab under Time Sheet.

1. Employee Login Exceptions

Simply move over the employees listed to exclude them from the IP Restrictions. This will exclude the selected employees from the IP Restrictions allowing them to clock hours from any IP address.

2. Timecard Login
  • Limit Timecard IP Address: This limits employee timecard logins to log in only to the specified IP addresses.
  • All IPs Allowed for New Employees: This will allow employees to log in from any IP address. This will automatically add them to the "Login Exceptions" list.
3. Active

Filter to show only active restrictions or all restrictions for Employer or Employee logins.

4. Add IP Address

Add the IP Address(es) that are restricted to accessing your account. The selection automatically defaults to a Single IP. Using the radio button to select "Range", you can enter a span of IP Addresses. Be sure to click "save" when you are done.

5. Add Your Current IP

Clicking on "Add Your Current IP" will automatically add your IP Address to the listing for either Employer or Employee Login, depending on which area it is clicked. Once an IP address has been added, you will have an action menu allowing you to delete the IP Address or disable it. Once disabled, a check mark will appear in the disabled column.

6. Logs

Admin users and employees who attempt to log in from a restricted IP address will be listed in the Logs tab. The IP can be allowed by clicking the "Enable IP" link. This will add it to the Employer or Employee allowed IP addresses.

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