Time Sheet Reports

Purpose: To help you understand the reporting capabilities available within Time Sheets. You have the ability to run reports during certain date ranges or pay cycles to see when time off was taken, hours clocked, benefit balances, etc. Further, filter it down by a manager or even specific employees to see those details.

What if I am using the BambooHR Integration?

If you are using the BambooHR integration and have BambooHR Time Tracking, you will want to refer to these help guides to learn more about what reports are available.

Navigate to the "Reports" tab under "Time Sheet." You have a variety of selections to make in order to obtain the details you need.

  1. Select which pay group from the dropdown list. Only employees currently assigned to that pay group will pull up on the report if they had punches or time off during the date range selected. If you select an ended pay group, and employees have been moved to a new pay group, you will not see any employees in the report since the report does not show a history of pay group changes.
  2. Determine if you want to filter the report by pay cycle or by date range. Notice that additional fields will show if the date range is selected.
  3. Next decide if you want to report on the employee's primary manager or the alternate manager, if applicable.
  4. Choose the pay cycle dates.
  5. Choose the Manager to report on.
  6. Select an individual employee, if desired.

The available reports are shown below in either PDF or Excel format. Simply click on the report to view.

The Time Sheet Reports with signatures can have up to three signature lines, but only the employee and manager will be electronically stamped on the report. The third line can be used for paper copy signatures when needed.

What's Next?

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