Assign Work Schedule

Purpose: In order to track hours, an employee must be assigned to a work schedule. This help guide will show you how to assign employees to a work schedule and specify the access he or she will have to time card.

What if I am using the BambooHR Integration?

If you are using the BambooHR integration and have BambooHR Time Tracking, you will not have the option to create and assign work schedules to employees. Please refer to these help guides to learn more about BambooHR Time Tracking.

Assign Work Schedule

To assign a work schedule for an employee, navigate to the "Assign Work Schedule" tab under "Time Sheet."

  1. Work Schedule: Click here to select the work schedule for the employee. Work Schedules are created on the "Work Schedule" tab under "Time Sheet."
  2. Employee Role: The employee role defaults to "Paystub Only." If the employee will be using time sheet, select the appropriate role. (See options below) Note: The employee's role can also be set up when you first add the employee
  3. Manager*: Select the employee's manager for time off request approvals. The manager is the one person who has the ability to approve other employee's timesheets.
  4. Alternate Manager*: Select the alternate manager, if applicable. The alternative manager is assigned in case the assigned manager is unable to approve the timesheet or requests.
  5. Send Timesheet Login Email: Sends the employee a link with login information to Time Card if they haven't already logged in to TRAXPayroll. 
  6. Allow Time Sheet Entry: Check this box in order to allow changes in the way time is entered from clocking in and out to manually entering time.
  7. Allow Time Sheet Auto Fill: Allows the employee to click a button that automatically fills in shift hours based on work schedule.
  8. Send Unapproved Reminder Email: Once the pay period ends, the manager will receive an email reminder daily if punches have not been approved. In order for the manager to receive this email, they must be set as a manager AND assigned to a work schedule themselves.

Note: Only one manager can approve a time off request. If it has already been approved by the Manager, then the alternate manager will not be able to approve it as well. This is the same if the alternate manager approves it first, the manager will not be able to approve it as well.

Employee Roles
  • No Access
  • Paystub & Manager
  • Paystub & Punch
  • Paystub & Punch & Manager
  • Paystub & Punch & Missed Punch
  • Paystub & Punch & Missed Punch & Manager
  • Paystub & Punch & Time Off
  • Paystub & Punch & Time Off & Manager
  • Paystub & Punch & Time Off & Missed Punch
  • Paystub & Punch & Time Off & Missed Punch & Manager
  • Paystub & Time Off
  • Paystub Only
  • Punch
  • Punch & Missed Punch
  • Punch & Missed Punch & Manager
  • Punch & Time Off
  • Punch & Time Off & Missed Punch
  • Punch & Time Off & Missed Punch & Manager

* If "Manager" is included in an employee's role, he or she can be assigned to approve other employees' time sheets.

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