Approve Time Log

Purpose: In order to pull hours into the Payroll Center to be paid, they must first be approved. Hours worked and time off hours will both be listed on the "Approve Time Log" tab under "Time Sheet." This help guide will show you how to approve time in order to have it pulled into the Payroll Center.  

What if I am using the BambooHR Integration?

If you are using the BambooHR integration and have BambooHR Time Tracking, you will want to refer to this help guide.

Approve Time Log

To approve hours, navigate to the "Approve Time Log" tab under "Time Sheet." All employees with hours entered for the pay period will be listed here. If an employee has hours worked and time off hours, they will show up twice in this list.

  1. View Punches: Click here to see the details listed for the hours worked or time off recorded. This allows you to make changes and update individual hour records. (See below)
  2. Approve Punches: Hours can be approved for all employees at once by clicking "Approve All Punches", or you can approve hours for individual employees by clicking "Approve All" next to the employees hours.
  3. Approve Overtime: In order to calculate overtime hours, you must first approve all regular punches (excluding time off hours*). Once regular hours are approved, you will see the correct overtime calculation and can then approve overtime hours.
  4. Approve All Site Punches: This allows you to approve all punches associated with that specific work site. You can do this for the entire site or for all punches associated with that site for a specific employee.
  5. Status: Punches and Overtime will have a status showing if they have been approved or not.
  6. Add Punch or Add Time Off: Click these options to add additional hours worked or time off hours for individual employees for this pay period.
  7. Email: These three buttons allow you to send email reminders: 1) Email no hours allows you to email all employees who have not entered hours this pay period. 2) Email Unapproved by Manager allows you to email each manager a reminder for the hours that have been unapproved. 3) Email Unapproved by Site Supervisor allows you to email a list of all unapproved hours for a specific site to the site supervisor.
  8. Lock Pay Cycle for Managers: This will lock the pay cycle so managers aren't able to make any additional changes.
  9. Print Punch Notes: This creates a PDF of all hours worked, punches, and associated notes for each employee.

* Time Off hours are not included for calculating overtime.

View Punches

After clicking "View Punches" next to the employee you want to make adjustments for, their individual punches will appear as shown below.

To make changes to hours worked, simply click the "In" or "Out" time entered to adjust the time accordingly. If you are using job tracking, you will also see the associated job with the hours worked and you will be able to edit if needed. If any changes are made, be sure to click "Save Changes" or another save option to navigate as desired.

Additionally, you can approve all punches for the employee on this page as well as add additional hours worked or time off hours.

What's Next?

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