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Time Card Add Hours (Punches)

Purpose: Administrators and managers can add hours to an employee's time card. This is helpful if an employee forgot to clock in or out for one reason or another. This help guide will walk you through how to add punches for an employee.

What if I am using the BambooHR Integration?

If you are using the BambooHR integration and have BambooHR Time Tracking, you will want to refer to this help guide.

Add Punch

To add a punch for an employee, navigate to the "View Activity" tab under "Time Sheet." Then click "Add Punch."

Choose Employee

Select the date and the employee that you would like to add the time for and then click "Find."

The employee's timesheet will then appear.

Add Clock in and Out Times

The selected employee will show at the top along with the time zone that the punch will be recorded for.

If you are using Jobs in TRAXPayroll, select the job. 

  1. Either type in the clock in time or click the icon to enter the current time.
  2. Notes are optional. Add a note, if desired.
  3. Either type in the clock out time or click the icon to enter the current time.
  4. Click the "Update" link to complete the process.

If you need to add another shift, click "edit" under Shift 2 to add the punches.

What do I do if an Employee Missed a Punch?

Navigate to the "View Activity" tab under Time Sheet. Here you can view a history of all time sheet activity for your employees. In the screenshot above, you can see that this employee forgot to clock in for this shift even though they clocked out. Simply click "Edit" to add the employee's missed punch.


Enter the appropriate clock in time and click "Update" to fix the missed punch.

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