Time Card Entry

Purpose: This help guide will walk you through how to manually enter your time worked, as well as how to use the punch in/out feature.

What if I am using the BambooHR Integration?

If you are using the BambooHR integration and have BambooHR Time Tracking, you will want to refer to this help guide.

How do I Access an Employee’s Time Card as an Administrator?

As an administrator, you can access an employee’s time card by navigating to the main Employee tab and clicking “Time Card Login” next to the employee you are looking for.

Time Card

As an employee, you can use the clock in/out feature or manually enter time on your time card. This information is found on the Time Card tab under your employee login.

  1. Filter Type: You will use the filter type to check your hours for a specific date range or a full pay cycle.
  2. Find: Once you have selected your filters, you will click “Find” to refresh the calendar view.
  3. Certify my time: Time entries must be certified for each pay cycle. Certifying your time is your acknowledgment that your timecard is complete and correct. 
  4. Calendar: This is an overview of hours worked and time off per day. Days can be broken into shifts with lunch and other breaks, therefore you may see multiple entries on one day.

You can then change the view from Calendar to Data Entry to add and edit your hours worked.

To make changes, click on the hour field under the IN/OUT column. Once your time is entered,  click “Save Changes.”

Auto Fill Time Sheet

If a schedule has been assigned, then you will see the option to Auto Fill the timesheet which will auto-populate the daily hours.

Punch In Time Card

The Today tab on the time card tab is used to clock in at the start of the day, for lunch breaks, and clock out at the end of the day. To start a new entry, click the “Start My Day” button below the project menu. The time card will stay open and the employee will use the links to clock in and out for lunch, and the End Day link to end the time entry.

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