New Client Login

Purpose: This help guide will walk you through the New Client Login information when you first create your TRAX account.

Before signing up for your TRAXPayroll account, you will want to make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) from the IRS: Required for registering the exact legal name and ID Number in order to pay taxes on your behalf. View examples of acceptable proof: 940, 941, W9 or SS4 application.
  • State and Local Income Tax ID Numbers: Required for making appropriate tax payments.
  • State Unemployment Insurance(SUI) ID Number and Rate: Required from each state where a business operates for making appropriate tax payments. (i.e., Tax Rate Change Notice, recent State Return, letter from the state.
  • Company Payroll Banking Information: Required for payroll services, must include bank name, account number and routing number.
  • Payroll Pay Schedule
  • Access Code: Your sales rep will be provide this for you.
New Client Login

The New Client Login page will ask you to fill out basic information for logging in to your account.

  • Access Code: Provided by your sales rep.
  • First and Last Name
  • Username (must be unique)
  • Email
  • Password
  • Secret Question 1 & 2 (required in case you forget your login information)
  • Select if there will be additional payroll administrators for your account.

Welcome Email

Once you've entered your login details, you will receive a welcome email from TRAXPayroll with your Company Code and User Name.


If you selected "Yes" to add additional users, you will be able to add the users here. Click here to learn more about adding users to your account.

Company Information

This page includes your basic company information:

  • Company Legal Name (Please note: Filing your company's taxes could be delayed if the company name does not match your IRS filing name.)
  • DBA (Does Business As)
  • Company Address
  • Contact Information 
  • Other Information: Allow Employee Email will allow employees to log in with their email address instead of their username. Additionally, you have the option to require a secret question at login.
  • Federal Tax Information: EIN, NAICS, and Industry Code.
Select Sorting Options

TRAXPayroll allows four different types of sorting. You can choose to use all or none of these options. Click "Next" to add the list options for each.


Add additional Branches, or you can add these later once the set up is complete.


Add additional Divisions, or you can add these later once the set up is complete.


Add additional Departments, or you can add these later once the set up is complete.


Add a Company Class.

Add additional Classes, or you can add these later once the set up is complete.

Position Titles

Select if you'd like to add position titles. Click here to learn more about Company Positions.

Pay Group

Next you will need to set up Pay Groups to make sure your payroll schedule is correct. Read through this guide to learn all about Pay Groups and what information is required.

Pay Cycles

Once you've entered your Pay Group information, you will be asked a couple questions about your pay schedule to determine pay periods and pay dates. These questions will differ based on the period frequency previously selected.

Add additional Pay Groups, or you can add these later once the set up is complete.

Bank Option

Select whether or not you'd like to add your Company Bank Information for payroll. If you do not add this information now, you will need to contact our support team to have this information added.

Enter the following information for your Company Bank Account:

  • Account Type
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • Confirm Account Number

Please note this information must be verified by TRAXPayroll before you will be able to process your first payroll.

Complete Enrollment

Click "Complete Enrollment" to finish the sign up process.

Confirmation and Documents

Once you have completed the sign-up steps, there will be some client agreement documents at the end you will need to print and have signed and returned to TRAXPayroll by email: or fax to 510-964-9322. If you miss this step, our Customer Support Team will provide them in their welcome email as well.

You will also need to send a voided company check and a recent letter from the IRS listing your company name and address.


Once your account TRAXPayroll is set up, we will then reach out to BambooHR to start the connectivity steps. Once the connectivity is activated we can then pull through all the employee indicative data, wage data, Direct Deposit and Federal W4 Information (BambooHR's Personal, Job, and Pay Info tabs). Demographics can be pulled over from BambooHR but you need to make sure every employee has a (Location/Branch, Department, Division, Employment Status/Class) assigned to them within BambooHR. If you do not use a certain classification like "Division" you still need to set that up as All or None under the employee level in order for the demographics to pull over correctly. It is important to have all of your data in BambooHR first before we pull any data over.

Once your account is on TRAXPayroll, you will receive a Welcome Email from our Customer Support Team and your assigned Implementation Specialist with additional account set up instructions.

What's Next?

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