Purpose: The Home page of TRAXPayroll lists information pertinent to your company. This guide will show the different aspects of your Home page and explain how to use them.

The Dashboard

Upon logging into your account, you will land on your TRAXPayroll Home page. Here, TRAXPayroll posts informational bulletins of notices and changes for you to review, as well as when your next payroll run will take place. Upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and annual review dates in the next 30 days are also listed.

Events are shown on the Dashboard that need your attention, such as informational updates or errors that need to be corrected. You may also find events related to data in TRAXPayroll like correcting social security numbers, birthdates, or ages.

Viewing Events on the Dashboard

To review the events listed on your Dashboard, click "view" next to the event that you’d like to update. You will be redirected to the employee record that needs to be reviewed, or to the Employee List if there are several employees that need this event reviewed or corrected.

What's Next?

Would you like to review what employee access will look like?

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