TRAXPayrollAdministrative SetupRequest a New Account for Additional EINs

Request a New Account for Additional EINs

Purpose: Each TRAX account can only have one EIN. This help guide will show you how to request a new TRAX account for additional EINs.

Request Additional Account

Setting up an additional EIN is the same process as starting a new company. When there are multiple accounts, the account admins will get a third party login allowing them to toggle between accounts.

To request a new account, fill out the Price Quote Request Form.

  1. Under the comment section of the form, note that you are a current client of TRAXPayroll and you want to add an additional company.
  2. A Sales Executive at TRAXPayroll will send you the quote for the new account and an access code that you can use to sign up the new company. If you are setting up multiple EINs, the same access code can be used to sign up each one separately.
  3. Go to the Sign Up page, scroll to the bottom and select “Click here to login and complete sign up.” Go through the full sign up process.
  4. Our implementation team will contact you within a few days with additional information about the next steps to finalize your account.

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