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Finding Company Tax Information

Purpose: This guide helps you find your federal and state tax information so that you can enter it into TRAXPayroll. Keep in mind that each tax has an associated tax ID, deposit schedule, and tax rate.

The easiest way to get your federal and state tax information is by requesting it from your previous payroll provider. They should have a list of all of your company’s federal and state taxes as well as each tax’s associated tax ID, deposit schedule, and tax rate.

If you are a new company and do not have historical payroll records, or if you’d like to verify your tax information, you will need to obtain the tax ID, deposit schedule, and tax rate for all applicable federal and state taxes.

Federal Taxes

You should have received a confirmation letter stating your tax deposit schedule and tax ID when you set up your EIN with the IRS. 

Additionally, you can use IRS Publication 15 Section 11 to verify your tax deposit schedule or call the IRS to obtain both your tax ID and tax deposit schedule.

State Taxes

To verify your state tax ID and deposit schedule for each applicable tax type, you will need to contact your state’s tax agency and provide your EIN. The following documents contain each state’s contact information for each tax agency. You can either email the contact listed in the document or copy and paste the URL from the document to access the specific tax agency and obtain the tax ID and deposit schedule.

Directory of State Wage and Hour Agencies

Directory of State Unemployment Insurance Agencies

Directory of State Income Tax Holding Agencies

Additionally, you may need to contact the following agencies if applicable:

Directory of State Child Support Enforcement Agencies

Directory of State New Hire Reporting Agencies

Directory of State Unclaimed Property Agencies

Keep in mind that for each state you have employees working in, you need to collect your company’s specific tax ID, deposit schedule, and tax rate for that state’s applicable taxes, so you may have to contact several different state tax departments to collect this information.

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