Tax Documents FAQ

If you ran payroll in TRAXPayroll in the previous year, this help guide will give you some insight as to where you will find your year-end tax documents. 

What Documents will be Available?

If you ran payroll with us in the previous year, you will be provided with W2 and 1099 documents. The W2's will be for any paid employee paid through TRAXPayroll and 1099's will be for any contractor paid through TRAXPayroll. 

If you are using the integration with BambooHR, Contractors will only have access if they have a profile set up in BambooHR. If you only pay the contractor through TRAXPayroll and they don't have a BambooHR profile set up, you will either need to send the contractor a copy of their 1099, or the contractor will need to be given access to the employee portal in TRAXPayroll. 

When will Documents be Available?

All payroll admins will be provided with initial proof copies of their tax documents to review. Final W2 documents will be posted prior to the tax deadline of January 31st each year. 

What Format will the Tax Documents be in?

All employees will have an electronic W2 provided to them in PDF format. Additionally, employees have the ability to opt for W2’s to be printed and mailed to them through their TRAXPayroll profile. If they haven’t opted in for this service prior to the date that W2’s are posted they will not be able to receive a printed version of the W2.

What's the Pricing for 1099's and W2's?

In your TRAXPayroll account, simply click the "?" icon and select "Ancillary Fees" to see the most updated pricing.

How will Payroll Admins be Notified?

After final versions of the documents have been generated and posted to your TRAXPayroll account, we will send an email to all payroll admins on your account to let you know that tax documents are posted and available.

How will Employees be Notified?

After tax documents have been generated and posted, we will send an email to all employees letting them know that their tax documents are available. This email will direct them to log in to TRAXPayroll to view their tax document.

If you are using the BambooHR integration, your employees will be directed to log in to BambooHR to view their tax document.

Where can I Access the Documents?


Admins will be able to access their W2’s and tax documents in TRAXPayroll by navigating to Reports and then clicking "Quarterly & Year End."


Employees will be able to access their W2's and tax documents by navigating to the Reports tab and then clicking "Year End."

If you are using the BambooHR integration, employees will be able to access their W2's in the Pay Info tab in their BambooHR account. They will be able to view, print, and download the document. Please note, they will NOT be available on the documents tab. Just like paystubs, these documents will only be available on the Pay Info tab. (See screenshot below)

If for some reason the document isn’t working or accessible in BambooHR, employees can additionally access their W2’s from their employee portal in TRAXPayroll as shown above.

What Should I do if a Tax Document is Incorrect?

If you have an inaccurate tax document, please send an email to This email will be sent to our tax department and one of our team members will review your email and be in contact to coordinate the corrections.

What's Next?

Did you know employees can elect to have a paper copy of their W2 mailed to them?

Do you need help finding a report of which employees elected for a paper copy of their W2?