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Company Hour Benefit Templates

Purpose: Hour Benefit Templates are used to automatically generate accruals for employees. Multiple templates can be created for each Hour Benefit Type. This help guide will show you how to create Hour Benefit Templates.

Hour Benefit Templates

To add an Hour Benefit Template, navigate to the Company Hour Benefit Templates tab and click “Add Template.”

Add Hour Benefit Template
  • Hour Type: Select the Hour Benefit Type that this template should apply to. This list will automatically populate with all Hour Benefit Types you’ve added in your account.
  • Template Name: Add a name to distinguish this type from others.
  • Period Type: Select if this type accrues monthly or yearly.

Click “Save” at the top once you’ve added these details. Once a record has been saved, you can edit this template by clicking the “Edit” button next to the template name in the list.

Add/Edit Template Detail

Once the template has been created, click the “Add/Edit Template Detail” button. Then click “Add Template Detail” to add a new accrual record. You can add subsequent accrual records based on tenure with the company.

  1. Add Record
    • Template Name and Period Type: These are automatically populated from the previous selection above.
    • Period From and Period To: This sets the number of months or years (whichever is selected in the period type) that this accrual will apply for the employee. In the example above, the period type is year. So I can enter 0 - 5 and this accrual will apply for 5 years.
    • Earned Type: Select “Hourly” to base the accrual on the number of hours worked, or select “PayCycle” to base the accrual on the pay cycle.
    • Earned Amount: How many hours does the employee earn each pay cycle? Or, if you’ve selected Hourly in the earned type, how many hours does the employee earn per hour worked?
    • Annual Benefit: Total amount the employee earns per year. This is informational only.
  2. Maximum Balance
    • To Accrue: Enter the maximum number of hours the employee can accrue per year. This amount cannot be exceeded until the employee has used time off. Once the employee uses time off hours and goes below the maximum balance, it will allow the employee to accrue again until they hit the maximum balance.
    • Caps Annually: Check this box if the benefit starts over each year.

Be sure to click “Save” at the top of the page to save your template details. Once the details have been saved, you can edit this information by clicking the “Edit” button next to the template name in the template details list.

What's Next?

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