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Company Hour Benefit Types

Purpose: Hour Benefit Types, such as Holiday pay, Sick Time, etc., can be created for tracking hours worked and time off balances. This help guide will show you how to create new hour benefit types to track this information in TRAXPayroll.

Hour Benefit Types

Add Hour Benefit Type

To create a new Hour Benefit Type, go to the Company Hour Benefit Types tab and click “Add Hour Benefit Type.”

1. Add Record

  • Hour Type: Select the applicable Hour Type from the list.
  • Active: Is the type currently active? If so, check this box.
  • External Hour Type: This is required if you are importing hours into TRAXPayroll from another system.

2. Time Off

  • Has Hour Benefit: This will always be checked and cannot be unchecked.
  • Hours Accrue: Check this box if hours should accrue for this type.
  • Show Employee Benefit Balance: Check this box if you want accruals and hours/balances to show on employees’ pay stubs.
  • Allow Time Off Requests: If you are using time off approvals in TRAXPayroll time sheets, check this box to allow employees to request time off and managers to approve or deny requests.
  • Allow Negative Balance: This allows employees to request time off past the balance they have available. If this is unchecked, a message will pop up in the payroll center if an employee’s balance is negative. A one-time adjustment will need to be made to bring their balance back to zero.

Be sure to save the new Hour Benefit Type at the top of the page and to enable the new hour benefit type to any applicable employees in the Employee/Hours Benefit Tab. Keep in mind that you may only create up to 8 hour benefit types in TRAXPayroll.

Please note there is a limit of 8 Hour Benefit Types in TRAXPayroll. This does not include Regular, Overtime, and Other since they are automatic and cannot be removed. 

Edit Hour Benefit Types

To edit an Hour Benefit Type, simply click the edit button next to the type. If the type has not been used, it can be made inactive by unchecking the “Active” box. Or, make any necessary changes and click “Save.”

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