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Company Position

Purpose: Positions can be used to designate employees into work categories. Multiples positions can be created and pay scales can be included. This help guide will show you how to create Positions for your company.

Positions are used to designate employees into work categories. You can create multiple positions to help accommodate all of your employees. To create a new position, navigate to the Company Position tab and click “Add Position.”

Add Position
  1. Add Record
    • Position Name - Used in payroll reporting.
    • Position Description - Describe the position to help you know which employees it should be assigned to.
    • Pay Range (Optional)
  2. General Ledger
    • Ledger Code and Name can be used for accounting purposes.
    • Pay Grade (Optional)

Be sure to click "save" when you are finished to save your new position.

Edit Position

Positions can easily be updated if needed. Simply click the Edit button next to the position and make the necessary changes. Click "Save" when you are finished.

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