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Company Job Category and Sub Category

Purpose: Job category and sub category can be used to group jobs. This helps you stay organized with the different types of jobs you have for your employees. This help guide will show you how to create job categories and sub categories in TRAXPayroll.

Job Category

Job category and sub category are set up the same way. Sub categories are simply used to further define job categories. To set up a Job Category or Sub Category, click “Add Job Category” (or “Add Job Sub Category”) and enter the information below.

  1. Add Record
    • Category Name and Code - Used for TRAXTimecard reports.
    • Active - Check the box if the job category or job sub category is currently active. If you want to inactivate a category or sub category, simply uncheck this box.
    • External Job Category - Used for third-party vendors to associate hours to jobs.
  2. General Ledger
    • These can be added to assist with accounting. This information is listed on payroll reports and can be used for custom importing into your accounting system.

Be sure to save the new job category or sub category. If you need to make any changes to the information above, simply click “Edit” next to the job category or job sub category in the list.

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