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Purpose: If you are using TRAXTimecard, you have the option to use jobs to track hours and wages per employee. This help guide will teach you how to add jobs for this purpose.


Add jobs to help you track hours and wages so you can limit your employees to only enter hours on jobs assigned to them. Multiple jobs and rates can be added per employee.

Add Job
  1. Add Record
    • Job Name and Job Code - Assign a job name and code for employees to enter time toward.
    • Group - Jobs can be organized into groups if desired.
    • Require Wage* - If this box is checked, your employees will be required to have an associated wage record in order to clock time for the job.
    • Active - Jobs can be inactivated if they are no longer needed.
    • External Job Code - Required if you are importing hours into TRAXPayroll.
    • Worker Comp - Assign the job to a worker comp code, if needed.
  2. General Ledger
    • Adding ledger information will assist with accounting. Please reach out to our support team in order to set up a General Ledger.

Be sure to save your new Job at the top of the page.

If you are syncing hours worked from another system, you must make sure the wage job matches with what the employee has listed as his or her primary job on the employee general tab. If the wage job doesn't match, then hours will not sync properly.

*If you need to set up multiple wages for an employee who works multiple jobs, you can learn more about how to do this here.

Edit Job

If you need to update the information regarding an existing job, simply click “Edit” next to the job in the list. You will be taken to the job creation page where you can make changes. Be sure to save.

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