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Company Holiday

Purpose: Company Holidays can be added to let employees know which days are observed by the company. Holidays are informational only and do not affect payroll. This help guide will show you how to add or remove holidays.

What if I have an Integration with BambooHR?

Company Holidays in BambooHR do not automatically sync with Payroll. You will need to create a time off type for Company Holidays and enter time off requests for your employees in order to have them sync with TRAXPayroll. You can learn more about this process here.


Holidays are informational only and do not affect payroll. Employees can see holidays when they log in to payroll.

  1. Federal Holidays - This is a list of the federal banking holidays for the year. Select the federal holidays you’d like to add to your holiday list and then click “Add selected Federal Holidays to Company Holiday List.”
  2. Company Holidays - Add custom company holidays in addition to the standard federal holidays. Simply click “Add Company Holiday” and enter the holiday name and date.
  3. Edit or Delete Holidays - Use these options if a holiday needs to be changed or removed if it is no longer applicable.

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