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Company General

Purpose: The General tab stores the company and payroll administrator information. This help guide will show you all information stored on this tab and how you can make updates when needed.

What if I am using the BambooHR Integration?

If you are using BambooHR, review this help guide in the BambooHR help center to learn more about how to update your Company Information.


  1. Company Information 
    • Company Name: This is the legal company name on file with the Internal Revenue Service.
    • DBA: If a trade name is used, enter it here in the Doing Business As (DBA) field.
    • EIN: Employee Identification Number is assigned to your company by the Internal Revenue Service.
    • Effective Date: This is automatically populated with the date you entered your information into TRAXPayroll.
    • End Date: This will only be populated if you terminate your TRAXPayroll account.
    • Address: Includes Street 1, Street 2, City, State, and Zip. This should be the address information for your company. 
    • Location Code: This will automatically populate based on the address entered. It is used to determine the appropriate payroll taxes associated with your location.
  2. Contact Information
    • This should be the current payroll administrator’s information. If the administrator changes, this data needs to be updated so we know who to contact regarding your account.
  3. Misc. 
    • Show Paycheck Register Report: Checking this box enables two additional excel reports. They are: Paycheck Register and Paycheck Register Hour Types.
    • Allow Employee Email: Turns on emailing of employees on pay day. If the employee is marked to receive emails and has a valid email address in TRAXPayroll, they will be emailed on pay day to log in and view their pay stub.
    • Allow Unapproved Timecard Email: Sends managers an email reminder that they have not approved their employees' time for the payroll period.
    • Require Secret Question: When this is activated, employees must set up secret questions around their login. If they forget their username or password, they will be prompted with their secret questions.
    • Note: Add a note if needed.
    • NAICS: Populates your industry code when selected under Industry Code below.
    • Industry Code: Select your industry to populate the NAICS field above. Links are provided to assist you in selecting the correct industry.

If you need to make updates to any general information, simply click in the field to edit the information. Be sure to save your changes at the top of the page.

How do I Change or Update my Company Name?

If you need to update or change the name of your company, you can update this directly in TRAXPayroll as long as your EIN has not changed.

To do this, navigate to the Company tab and click on "General."  Simply update the "Company Name" and "DBA" field. Be sure to save your changes.

What's Next?

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