Company Branch

Purpose: The Company Branch is used to designate locations where employees work. This help guide will show you how to add or edit Branch information in your account.


Each Branch is used to designate a location where your employees work. This information is part of the employees’ demographic record along with Department, Division, and Class.

Branch is used to sort data on payroll reports or can be used for custom importing into your accounting system.

Add Branch

Click “Add Branch” and select when you’d like the new Branch to be effective.

  1. Add Record
    • Branch Code and Branch Name - Shown on payroll reports run by branch.
    • Effective Date - Must be as of (or before) the pay date for employees in the branch in order to pull into payroll.
    • End Date - Only used to terminate a branch.
  2. Address
    • Must be a valid US address. This is used to determine applicable taxes for employees working in this branch. If you are using the BambooHR integration, you will need to enter this information in Settings>Employee Fields>Locations and the address will sync through Remote Link.
    • The main address for your company will be used for any remote locations. However, if an employee is assigned to a remote location, applicable taxes will be based on their home address. 
  3. General Ledger(optional)
    • These can be added to assist with accounting. This information is listed on payroll reports and can be used for custom importing into your accounting system.
  4. Contact Information (optional)
    • Main contact details for the branch.
  5. Misc.
    • Timezone - This is important for employees who will be using Time Sheets. Entering the correct timezone for the branch ensures the time sheet will be set up correctly.

Be sure to save the new Branch.

Edit Branch

Existing branches can be updated or ended. Simply click the Action button next to the branch to make changes. The following options are available:

  1. End - as of today (Today’s date)
  2. End - on specific date
  3. Make change - to correct existing record
    • This takes you to the branch information page where you can make any updates and save your changes.
    • When making changes, you will see “Location Code” under the Address information. This is determined by the address and is used for calculating taxes for employees in the branch.
  4. Void - created by mistake but has history
    • This enters an end date one day prior to the start date.
  5. Remove - created by mistake

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