Expense Management System

Purpose: The Employee Expense Management feature allows employees to enter their own expense reimbursements and gives managers or payroll admins the ability to approve those reimbursements prior to running payroll. This guide will show you how to locate and use the Employee Expense Management feature.

Expense Reimbursement Overview

TRAXPayroll can turn on the Employee Expense Management Module, giving your employees the ability to submit their own expenses and reimbursements. If you’d like to keep this module restricted to Payroll Administrators, you can do that also, and still, add expenses on behalf of your employees.

Here is an overview of each role participating in the Employee Expense Management Module. All are provided at no additional cost.

  • Employee: As long as each employee has an email listed on their employee record, they can log in and enter their own expense reimbursements. The Payroll Admin can either approve, deny, or delete the item prior to running payroll.
  • Payroll Admin: They can also log in and enter expense reimbursements for employees. If you are using an outside vendor to manage expenses, you can use the upload additional pay option with a spreadsheet.

Add an Expense Reimbursement

Navigate to the Employee Menu in your account and select the “Time Card Login” for the employee you’d like to enter an expense reimbursement for.

Notice that you’re now logged in to the employee’s time card as their name is at the top of the screen. If you have this feature turned on for employees, this is what it will look like for them. If not, you’ll follow this process when you want to enter an expense reimbursement for an employee.

Navigate to the Additional Pay/Expense tab on the employee’s Time Card. Then select “Add” to add a new expense reimbursement item. You can also select a current line item for an expense reimbursement and edit or delete it as long as it is still unapproved and pending payroll.

Fill out each of the fields in the expense reimbursement addition.

  • Post Date: This date must be within a current-active or future pay cycle.
  • Pay Type: Select the expense pay type (Expense, Cell Phone Reimbursement, Mileage Reimbursement, etc.).
  • Amount: Enter the amount to be reimbursed or paid.
  • Job Name: Select how you’d like the job named.
  • Reference Code: Add an internal reference code, if needed.
  • Note: Add any details about the reimbursement.
  • Choose File: Upload a receipt or other .pdf document supporting the amount to be paid out.

Save your changes and view the new entry. You’ll also be able to see a history of expenses that are already approved and have been reimbursed.

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