Employee Pay History

Purpose: The Pay History tab allows employees to view past pay stubs. This help guide will give you an overview of the Pay History tab and show you how to view past pay stubs.

What if I am using the BambooHR Integration?

If you're using the BambooHR integration, employees will need to access their paystub through BambooHR on their Pay Info tab. However, as an administrator, you can view employee paystubs in both systems. While the paystub looks different in each system, the data will be the same.

Pay History Overview

On the Pay History tab, the following payroll data is listed for the employee: Pay Date, Pay Period, Trans ID, Tax Type Code, Taxable Wages, Non-Taxable Wages, Hours, Uncollected Deductions, Employee Tax, Direct Deposit Net, Check Net, and Employer Tax.

  1. Search: You can filter past pay stubs by typing qualifiers into the Search box.
  2. Show: You can choose to show the past 10, 25, 40, 250, or all Pay Stubs.
  3. Print: You can pull the Pay Stub report for the shown pay stubs by clicking Print. This will pull up a printable PDF document.
  4. View: You can also view a PDF of each pay stub by selecting View. (See below)
What Information is Included in the Pay History?
  • Pay Date: The date the employee/contractor is paid or expects to be paid.
  • Pay Period: The dates the paycheck is compensating the employee/contractor for working.
  • Trans ID: The count of checks given to an employee/contractor in a given payroll cycle.
  • Tax Type Code: Standard, 2% Shareholder, 1099, H-1B Visa, or Expatriate.
  • Taxable Wages: The dollar amount owed to an employee that is subject, by law, to taxes.
  • Non Taxable Wages: The dollar amount owed to an employee that is not subject, by law, to taxes. 
  • Hours: The number of hours associated with a specific check.
  • Uncollected Deductions: The total dollar amount of deductions withheld from the employee's/contractor's pay. These deductions are not collected by TRAXPayroll and need to be handled by your company.
  • Collected Deductions: The total dollar amount of deductions withheld from the employee's/contractor's pay. These deductions have been collected by TRAXPayroll. 
  • Employee Tax: The total dollar amount of employee taxes withheld on a specific check.
  • Direct Deposit Net: The total dollar amount sent to deposit in a bank account.
  • Check Net: The total dollar amount owed to an employee/contractor via a written check or direct wire from your company. TRAXPayroll does not process Check Net amounts.
  • Employer Tax: The total dollar amount of employer taxes associated with a check.


Additionally, from the Reports menu, the Pay Stub report allows you to view multiple pay stubs in one PDF document from the Date Range Reports tab.

Void Paycheck Record

If a check record void is required due to incorrect taxation or overpayment, please send an email including the information below to our Payroll Support Team. In the event of an overpayment, funds should already be recovered in full before submitting this request.

  • Pay Date:
  • Employee Name:
  • Employee Net Amount:
  • Are there collected deductions (i.e. child support, garnishment, etc.) included on this check?:
  • Reason for Void (i.e. wrong taxes, wrong amount, etc.):

Please note the associated fee for voiding a paycheck is $10.00 per void.

Direct Deposit Reversal

In the event of an incorrect direct deposit payment, TRAXPayroll has the ability to attempt to recall the funds from the employee's bank account up to 30 days following the original pay date. When requesting a reversal, the employee should be made aware and have the full amount of net pay available in their account (no partial recalls). In the event that the reversal fails, the employer will need to work with the employee directly to obtain funds.

To request a direct deposit reversal, please include the following information in an email to the Payroll Support Team.

  • Pay Date:
  • Employee Name:
  • Employee Net Amount Deposits (list each amount if multiple accounts):
  • Reason for Reversal (i.e. wrong bank account, incorrect pay amount, etc.):

Note, it takes 2-3 business days for the reversal to process and up to 7 business days to confirm success and the funds to be returned directly to the employer.

What's Next?

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