Employee Documents

Purpose: Employee-specific documents can be uploaded to Employee Document tab for employees to view and download. This help guide will show you how to add a document to an employee’s profile, how to edit a document, and how to search for a document. It also shows how employees will be able to access their documents.

If you are using BambooHR, you will want to upload employee documents directly on the employee's profile in BambooHR. 

Add Document

A document can be uploaded to an Employee’s tab so that they have access to view and download it. Select the applicable employee and click on their Document tab. Click Add Document to begin the process. You’ll then be able to select the document’s effective date from a drop-down list.

  1. Add - as of company effective date: You’ll be able to choose the company’s beginning date as the effective date of this document.
  2. Add - as of today: You can choose the day the document was uploaded as the effective date.
  3. Add - on a specific date: You can choose a past or future date as the document’s effective date.
  1. Client Document Type: Select the document type from the drop-down list or choose to Add/Edit a new type.
  2. Name: Enter the name of the document.
  3. Start Date: If you selected the company’s effective date or today’s date as the document’s effective date, the Start Date will be populated for you. If you chose to use a specific date instead, then enter that date as the Start Date.
  4. End Date: Choose the End Date; keep in mind that you can choose to keep the end date blank if the document should always be available.
  5. Use URL: Select “Yes” to use a URL. Enter the URL address of the document you would like to add in the URL box that pops up. If you mark “No” for Use URL, then you’ll click Choose File and select the file you’d like to upload.

Be sure to click “Save” at the top of the page to save your new document.

Document Actions

Once a document has been added to an Employee’s Documents tab, you can select Action to view or make changes to the document.

  1. View: Choose to view the document.
  2. End - as of today
  3. End - on specific date
  4. Make change - to correct existing record: Choose to edit the record details.
  5. Reactivate - by removing end date: If the document has already ended, choose to remove the current end date so the document remains effective. The End Date will show as blank after selecting this option. If you’d like to extend the End Date instead, select to Make Change.
  6. Void - created by mistake but has history: If you've created the document by mistake but need to keep the history, select to void the document.
  7. Remove - created by mistake: Choose to remove the document.

Search for a Document

You can search for documents by Start Date, End Date, Status, Document Type, Client Document Type and/or Document Name.

View Employee Documents

Employees will be able to see their documents by clicking on the document’s name on their My Documents tab.

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