Employee Hour Benefits

Purpose: Hour Benefits are used for paying and tracking hours worked and time off. Hour Benefit templates are added at a company level before they can be added to employees. This help guide will walk you through how to add hour benefits to an employee.

All hour benefits created at the company level will be listed for each employee. Each hour benefit will show as being enabled or disabled for the specific employee.

Enabling Hour Benefits is something that needs to be done manually for each employee.  If you are making an update company-wide and need to enable or disable certain hour benefits for all employees, please reach out to a Payroll Support Hero and we will be happy to help.

Activate Hour Benefit

To activate an hour benefit, click the “Action” button next to the hour benefit type.

  1. If a Company Template exists: (Accrues time)
    • Company Template: The hour benefit can be activated using the template. Simply hover over “Company Template” and select which template you’d like to assign. This list will automatically be populated with all templates created at the company level.
    • Single Benefit: A single benefit record can be added if no template is used.
    • Non-Company Template: Adds benefit records based on the company template, but the records are not associated with it. This template will be assigned as it is currently set up and if a change is made to the company template, it will not be reflected in the employee record in the future.
  • If a Company Template does not exist: (No automatic accrual)
    • The hour benefit can be turned on for the employee as of the date selected.

Add Single Benefit

If the employee needs an individualized accrual, then you can create a single benefit for the employee.

  1. Add Record
    • Benefit Type: This is automatically populated based on the type you’ve selected to create a single benefit for.
    • Start Date: When should the accrual start for the employee.
    • End Date: Only used when the accrual should end for the employee.
    • Annual Benefit: Total number of hours earned per year. This is informational only.
  2. Hours Earned
    • Type: Accrues per hour worked or per pay cycle.
    • Amount: Number of hours accrued per type (hour worked or pay cycle).
    • Include Overtime: If hours are earned per hour worked, check this box if overtime hours should be included towards the accrual.
    • Include Other: If hours are earned per hour worked, check this box if other hours (double time) should be included towards the accrual.
  3. Maximum Balance
    • To Accrue: Number of hours that should not be exceeded. This is the total number over time, crossing years and is the maximum number of hours the employee can receive.
    • Accrues and Caps Annually: Check this box if the accrual starts over each year. The maximum balance to accrue can be exceeded if this box is checked.

What's Next?

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