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Modify or Adjust Employee Hour Benefits

Purpose: Employee hour benefits can be updated or ended as needed. Additionally, adjustments can be made by entering one time credits and debits. This help guide will show you the actions available when modifying or adjusting employee hour benefits.

Hour Benefits

To modify or adjust hour benefits for an employee, navigate to the employee's Hour Benefits tab. Click the action button next to the Hour Type and the following options will be available as long as the Hour Type is currently enabled:

1. View/Modify Details


Employee hour benefits can be updated as needed. To change the hour benefit selection, click the “Action” button next to an enabled hour benefit.

  1. Template: Shows whether or not the company template was used for the employee.
  2. Add Hour Benefits: Add a single benefit for the employee in order to individualize their accrual.
  3. Add/Edit Adjustments: Create a credit or debit to adjust the employee’s balance for this specific hour type.
  4. Action: End or make changes to the current hour benefit assigned to the employee.


  1. Summary: Lists current totals and totals that include all pending amounts.
  2. Manage Adjustments: Click here to remove or change pending adjustments as well as add new adjustments.
  3. Action (Pending): If an adjustment is pending, you will be able to change or remove it by clicking the action button.
  4. Action (Posted): If an adjustment has already been posted, you will be able to reverse it by clicking the action button. This will create a pending hour adjustment record to make up for the incorrect adjustment. Pending hours will post on the employee’s next payroll run.
2. View/Add Adjustments

Employee hour benefit balances can be adjusted by entering one-time credits and debits. To make an adjustment, click the “Action” button next to the enabled Hour type and select “View/Add Adjustments.” If previous adjustments have been entered, you will see a history of all adjustments. Then click “Add Hour Benefit Adjust.” If there are no previous adjustments, you will be taken straight to the add record page for adjustments.

  1. Hour Type: This is automatically populated based on the hour type you selected to add an adjustment for.
  2. Date to Apply: Select the pay date the adjustment will be applied to. For example, if the date entered is 8/1/2018, the adjustment will be applied to the employee included in payroll on or after that date.
  3. Hours: Number of hours to be adjusted. To increase hours, enter a positive number. To decrease hours, enter a negative number.
  4. Note: Add a note to explain why the adjustment is being given.

The status will show “Pending” until the adjustment is posted in payroll. Once it is posted, the status will show the pay date it was applied.

Click the “Action” button to edit or remove the adjustment as long as it has not yet been posted to the employee’s balance.

3. End - as of today or End - on specific date

If an hour benefit is no longer needed for the employee, you can click the “Action” button and end the hour benefit as of today or as of a specific date.

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