Employee General

Purpose: The Employee General tab includes basic information about the employee. This help guide will show you all information stored on this tab and how you can make updates when needed.


The employee’s general tab includes basic information about the employee. Asterisks designate required fields. In the top right corner, admin users can send an email with a link for the employee to reset their password or send the employee a test email if they are having trouble receiving emails.

1. Employee Information: First Name, Last Name, SSN, Gender, Marital Status, and Employee Number.

2. Dates: Birth Date, Hire Date, Rehire Date, Termination Date, Termination Reason, and Review Date.

  • If you are using TRAXBenefits, you will also see an option to “Terminate Plans.” This will put an end date on all of the employee’s plans based on the termination date entered.
  • If the review date is entered, the employee will be listed on the Home page 30 days prior to that date as a reminder.

3. Status  

  • Allow Login: Controls whether or not the employee can log in to TRAXPayroll.
  • Include in Payroll: Determines if the employee will be included in payroll runs. Terminated employees who are marked to be included will show up in the payroll run with a term date next to their name.
  • Job Title and Position
  • Pay Group: All employees are assigned to pay groups. A pay group sets the pay schedule for the employee: semi-monthly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Estimated Hours Override: This allows you to override the estimated number of hours worked. (Salary only)
  • EEOC: Equal Employment Opportunity class.
  • Employee Tax Type: Designates the type of employee as Standard, 2% shareholder, or 1099.
  • Worker Comp: Assign a worker comp rate for estimating premiums.
  • Tax Type Account Number 
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Is Test Employee: Check this box if the employee is a test employee.

4. Contact Information 

  • User Name: Payroll Administrators can view the employee’s username to assist with logging into TRAXPayroll. This defaults to the employee’s last name plus the EmployeeID. The username cannot be edited once created.
  • Send Pay Day Email: Send the employee an email on payday.
  • Email, Home Phone, and Mobile Phone: It is important to ensure this information is always accurate, even when an employee is terminated. This email is used to log in to TRAXPayroll to view paystubs and tax documents. When an employee terminates, please update the email to their personal email address.

5. Address 

  • TRAXPayroll will need to verify the address with USPS and identify if the address cannot be found. If there is an error when adding an address, a suggested address may be listed. Enter the suggested address for the employee as it is based on USPS’s database and it will be accepted by TRAXPayroll. If the suggested address is still incorrect, please reach out to a Payroll Support Hero to get this corrected.
  • If the address is not valid, you will not be able to update any other fields on the employee's record until the address has been updated to a valid address. 
  • The location code is derived from the employee’s address and is used to determine the applicable taxes.

6. Cobra

  • This will only be populated if you are using TRAXBenefits enrollment system.

7. Time Sheet Section

  • Override Client Primary Job: If you are using Job Tracking, you will need to enter the employee's primary job here. This will be their default when they clock time and should be the job the employee performs the most. 
  • Work Schedule: Part-time or Standard.
  • Employee Role: Select the type of access the employee should have for time sheets.
  • Manager and Alternate Manager: Please list the employee's manager or the person who needs access to this employee's timecard for approving hours. The alternative manager is available to approve the timesheet if the manager is unavailable.
  • Send Timesheet Login Email: Sends the employee login information for Time Sheet early the following day.
  • Allow Timesheet Entry: Allows employees to manually key in their time instead of punching in and out.
  • Allow Timesheet Auto Fill: Populates hours for the employee based on their work schedule.
  • Send Unapproved Reminder Email: Email reminder sent to managers to approve hours for their employees prior to the end of the period.

8. Custom Fields: Free text fields available for additional information in reporting.

9. Employee Change Log: Date changes are listed here. These can be updated or removed as needed.

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