Employee Demographic

Purpose: The employee demographic includes the employee's assigned branch, division, department, and class. This help guide will show you how to add and edit demographic information.


An employee can have one active row of demographic data at one time. The active row is based on the start date.

The Branch, Department, Division, and Class are used for payroll runs and reporting. The Class is also used for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to determine eligibility for health care reporting.

Add New Demographic

Adding a new demographic will end the current demographic one day before the new period is set to start. Enter the basic demographic information:

  1. Start Date: This automatically populates from the start date selected when clicking the “Add Demographics” button.
  2. End Date: Enter an end date if you want the demographics to automatically end on a specific date.
  3. Show Ended Demographics: Check this box if you want to show ended demographics in the history on the employee’s Demographics tab.
  4. Branch
  5. Class
  6. Department
  7. Division
  8. Override Hire Date: Check this box if you want to use the start date instead of the hire date to calculate the benefit waiting period. This is only applicable if you are using TRAXBenefits.
  9. Auto Terminate Plan: Check this box if you want to automatically terminate plans and related deductions if the selected class has no benefits. This is only applicable if you are using TRAXBenefits.

Click “Save” at the top of the page to save the new demographic.

Edit Demographic

Click the Action button next to the record to make changes and select the applicable item from the list.

  1. End - as of today: This will add an end date of today’s date on the demographic record.
  2. End - on specific date: This will let you enter an end date for the demographic record.
  3. Add New/End Existing: This will create a new record and end the existing record one day prior to the effective date of the new record.
  4. Make change: This will update the current row of data.
  5. Void: This will enter an End Date one day prior to the Start Date on that same row.
  6. Remove: This will remove the record completely if it was originally added in error and has not been used in payroll.

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